A powerful piece of musical theatre in the style of 'Les Miserables', adapted from Victor Hugo's classic novel set in 15th century Paris. The story tells of a child abandoned by his mother because of his physical deformities and brought up within the confines of Notre Dame by Archdeacon Claude Frollo who is tormented by his growing desire for Esmeralda, a beautiful dancing gypsy. Emotions heighten between Esmeralda, her love for Pierre, a poet, her fear of Clopin the King of the gypsies who also desires her, the jealousy of Sharia a rival over the affections of Clopin and Marique, Pierre's sponsor who also loves Pierre and the innocent love for her by Quasimodo. The story ends unexpectedly with many traumas, here is another musical that will thrill you and warm you with some beautiful, moving songs and characterisations.