'Ive seen several of Inspiration's shows, my favourites being Les Mis which was an incredible moving performance and Beauty and the Beast which was simply mesmerizing! It's hard to believe you're watching amateur performers and not professionals!'

Rebecca Allsop, Bolsover

'I have seen two shows by Inspirations (The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and The Beast) and my favourite has to be Beauty and the Beast, they made it enjoyable but also added in the drama of it which made me cry, definitely the best one!! Although they are amateur you sometimes forget this due to the professional performances played out on stage.'

Sarah Jolley, Sheffield

"With a group such as Young Inspirations, I’m always excited to see how they will put their own twist on plays such as Sweeney Todd. In all the times I’ve seen them perform, Beauty and the Beast is by far my favourite. It was playful, funny and most importantly engaging. Overall they are a bunch of committed and imaginative performers that bring warmth and humour to a stage. That in itself is also credit to the friendly and open-minded nature they all abide by. Young Inspirations are – well it’s in the name really – an inspiration."

Adam Morris, Sheffield

"Young inspirations are a highly committed, imaginative and highly enthusiastic group. Who always go above and beyond to produce highly engaging and enjoyable performances. Every play they do is fun, professional and they always bring something totally unique to each play they do. Overall all the productions they do are always loved by their audience’s and I would highly recommend going to see them perform. "

Emma Morris, Tupton


Current Members

'I have been a member since March 2010 and haven't looked back since! I've enjoyed meeting new people who are now great friends and along with that I have had amazing opportunities with developing my skills in acting, singing and dancing. The group has done so much more outside of rehearsals too as personally I feel a much more confident person. This wouldn't have been possible without the skills I've learnt with Young Inspirations.'

Mark Mcdougall, Chesterfield

'I had heard Young Inspirations were fantastic and always put on spectacular shows. Since joining I have found out it is all true. Coming from another Musical Theatre group I didn't really know anyone but everyone was so welcoming and i have met and made friends with some really talented and genuine people that I will now always have in my life and i'm developing my acting and singing skills further and my confidence is rising fast. I'm so excited for our upcoming shows and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.'

David Reaney, Chesterfield

'Just want to say how fantastic young inspirations are. They brought my confidence out heaps thanks to the staff and other members who I have made great friends with. i would have never dreamed at one time of going on stage and performing but thanks to young inspirations i got my confidence and managed to get into college. So a BIG thanks to all the staff and my friends as I now look to the future'

Martin Boyd, Springwell

'After viewing the musical West Side Story years ago I realised my taste for performing had established even more. I'd already participated in a dancing group but wanted to try something new. Inspirations seemed the best place to do this and I haven't looked back on it since. The people are friendly and welcoming and the group has turned out some promising talent who've gone on to achieve great things. I consider Inspirations like an extended family and look forward to every rehearsal and seeing all the talented and quirky friends I've made there.'

Matthew Staten, Clay Cross