The chilling tale of the demon barber of fleet street and his sadistic ways. Returning from a 15 year transportation sentence Benjamin Barker (now Sweeney Todd) wants revenge on Judge Turpin who has stolen his daughter Joanna and caused the death of his beloved wife Lucy. He comes across a meat pie shop in the middle of London town owned by widow Mrs Lovett, where he opens his new parlour. Going to the centre to advertise his new business he comes across Senior Pirelli who has an apprentice Toby collected from the workhouse. Pirelli however turns out to be an old assistant to Benjamin Barker and attempts to black mail him, leading to a bloody mess in deed. Leaving Toby as Mrs Lovett's assistant instead. Todd continues to hack away at Londoners throats until the chance to kill the judge comes along however he is interrupted by a navy sailor befriended on his return journey named Anthony who has fallen in love with Joanna . The judge storms out content with keeping Joanna to himself not realising who Todd actually is. Turpin locks Joanna away in a mental asylum who is then rescued by Anthony posing as a barbers apprentice with the hope of running away together and starting a new life. After informing the judge of her rescue Todd offers the judge a shave and finally has his revenge. But also killing his believed to be dead wife Lucy. He collapses in turmoil before being killed by Toby in revenge of Mrs Lovett's death for her lying to Todd about his wife.