The story begins in 1191 with King Richard I recruiting men to join him on the Crusade to the Holy Land. Robin Hood is the first from the village to volunteer.In the King's absence, corrupt officials exploit the people. One such person is the Sheriff of Nottingham. The evil witch, Morgana, offers the Devil's Contract to the Sheriff which he must sign with blood. He contracts to sign his soul to the Devil in return for power and wealth. The people of Nottingham cannot afford to buy food due to the high taxes which the Sheriff imposes on them and when the Sheriff arrives to collect yet more tax, Robin's father, the Earl of Loxley, tries to defend the people but is taken prisoner, together with Marion, who is betrothed to Robin. Robin senses all is not well back in Nottingham and decides to return home from the Holy Land. On his return he meets up with Little John, a well respected leader of the people of Sherwood. After a fight they become friends and Little John eventually supports Robin's plan that the men from Sherwood should form an army to fight the Sheriff.