The National Operatic and Dramatic Association mission is to support the education and information needs of individuals and organisations, with high quality services and products that contribute to the success of amateur theatre, as well as encouraging appreciation of the sector by participants and audiences alike. A representative is usually at every single one of our shows and does an in-depth review which gets published along with all other armature productions in the wide area. Also once a year an awards ceremony is held to congratulate the very best in amateur shows. We have been fortunate at YITC to have received many of these awards for our shows over the years which is down to the hard work and dedication of cast and crew members alike.

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Derbyshire Times

Our local newspaper based here in chesterfield has always supported our group over the many years of its existence with all shows being advertised with overviews of the cast and a brief synopsis followed up by a reporter again viewing the show and placing a review the following week. There are some great examples both on paper and online telling of the triumphs of the group in the local world of performing arts.

(Please see our 'Event Page' for clippings from each individual show)


Of course here at YITC we respect that its not simply good professional reviews that make a coherent and successful group. Because of this here are a few testimonies from members, audience's and supporters to give a personal understanding of the group as well as past success stories showing its intentions to create a safe welcoming atmosphere where hard work really can produce amazing results!

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