The most famous, well known and widely watched musical tells the operatic tale of many characters in the midst of personal realisation during the years of the French Revolution. Centred on the ex- chain gang thief Jean Valjean who broke his parole to lead a new life becoming the mayor of the local town forever hunted by his nemesis Javert the police inspector who longs to see the criminal back behind bars. Due to the kindness of a Bishop, Valjean is able to find God and is motivated to be a good man. However one of his workers, Fantine, is about to die and Valjean promises to take care of her daughter, Cosette. After Valjean purchases Cosette from the money-grubbing Thenardiers (where she had been lodging), the show moves 9 years to the future where Cosette has become a woman. With the French Revolution ensuing, Cosette falls in love with a student revolutionary, Marius. After a battle, Marius falls unconscious in the sewer of Paris. Before Valjean dies, he manages to save Marius so that Marius and Cosette can be wed before joining Fantine in heaven for eternity. This powerful piece have theatre really pushed the groups limits but ended up being one of our best selling shows with us repeating it in the future.