Young Inspirations Theatre Company is a totally self-financed group with all teachers, helpers, and volunteers receiving no remuneration. Funds for the shows including theatre hire, costumes, props, make up, back stage help etc. all come through memberships and ticket money raised from shows and concerts taking place throughout the year.

However if you wish to lend a helping hand, you can using the options below....

Thank You In Advance For Your Support.

Clicking the 'Donate' button below allows you to give money to the group if you wish. As previously stated all funds raised go straight into helping young people get on the stage with no profits made. Even a small donation can go a long way to make our members ambitions a reality. 

Using the search option below will give you extra discounts on your products and help raise money for the group!!

Need a place for a wide range of women's and men's shoes, bags and accessories then look no further! Use the banner link below to get extra discounts on your products and help raise money for the group!!! 

Programme Advertisements

Local or major business looking for somewhere to advertise where hundreds of people a day can view your own personalised advert? We create an exclusive programme for each show and these are sold on the door and at intervals at all of the theatres that we perform in. With YITC performing at professional theatres there is a lot of exposure available with many people attending armature productions and your advert could be part of our ever expanding full colour program.

Interested? Simply get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page with our admin team and your advert could be appearing across the entire of Chesterfield, Mansfield and all surrounding areas.

Corporate Sponsorship

Please get in touch via our 'Contact Us' page for more information. Your company could be the one to support local childrens drama and creative learning.