Two gangs: Fat Sam's Stacheto and Dandy Dan's Mob are rivals. Bugsy Malone goes to Fat Sam's bar where he meets wannabe movie star Blousey Brown. The bar is then raided and Fat Sam states that this means war, however Dandy Dan is using the new Splurge Gun to destroy his enemies. Meanwhile Bugsy has fallen for Blousey, however Tallulah, Fat Sam's girlfriend wants him for herself. Fat Sam needs a job doing, Bugsy in the need of cash to fulfil Blousey's dream of going to Hollywood accepts but someone steals his newly earned money. His rescuer Leroy Smith is made a boxer by Bugsy. With the final showdown looming at Fat Sam's club can peace be finally brought to these two waring gangs? With an array of memorable songs and diverse dance routines this a show not to be missed.